Are you interested in creating own events, fund own markets or start your own prediction market skin? Then our management software is for you.
We allow you to create arbitrary events to make predictions on any information like, who becomes the next president of the United States or what will be the stock-price of Apple on date X.

To resolve events, we offer a wide range of oracle solutions to make this process simple, fast and secure. Once events are created, one can create markets based on events and fund them as a single investor or start a crowdfunding campaign to share the risk. Try the endless possibilities now.

Hunch Game

The Hunch Game is about all kind of events, especially in the entertainment industry. Join for free, place bets on events like, what will be the box office of X-Men next weekend, and win real prices.

This prediction market doesn't require any knowledge about Ethereum. It is for everyone.


Our software runs on the decentralized Ethereum network using Smart Contracts.

Ethereum allows censorship resistant execution of smart contracts, which secures users as well as market makers on our platform and makes our software globally available.

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You want to learn more about prediction markets in detail or you want to give feedback or ask questions how to use our software?

Then feel free to join or forum and ask all questions, which come to your mind.

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Stefan George

Technical Co-Founder

Leads development and architectural design of Gnosis.

Martin Köppelmann


Prediction market expert making conceptional design decisions.

Denís Granha

Full Stack Engineer

Drives the development of backend and frontend forward.

Milad Mostavi

Front-End Developer

Works closely with designers and is responsible for user-facing code.

Matthew Liston


Advances strategy, communications, and business development.